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If giving more while getting more resonates with you, then please support Eye Care 4 Kids by joining our campaign to #GiveBackGetBack.

Your $30 monthly membership helps provide glasses for kids in need and gives you access to all the benefits of the Super App.

The more you use it, the more you #GiveBackGetBack. Here are some of the benefits:

Save Money & Make a Difference

The Life Super App Is Your Gateway To a Whole New World of Travel, Convenience, Deep Discounts & Savings, & Personal & Financial Fitness

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Watch the video below for an engaging, guided tour of the Super App to learn about the incredible value & savings you can take advantage of on products & services you may be already paying full price for.

Have Fun & Create New Memories

Create Unforgettable Memories With Your Loved Ones, Travel To Exotic Destinations & Enjoy Luxurious Resorts At Unbelievable Savings

Your Super App monthly subscription will also earn you $30 in Trip Credits each month! These can be redeemed immediately on hotel stays, or you can choose to save and them redeem later on an extensive portfolio of dream vacation spots.

This is made possible by the mutually beneficial relationships formed between some of the best resorts in the world and the Life Super App’s strong Subscriber base that chooses those partner resorts over their competitors. It’s truly a win-win scenario in which you win big!

A $360+ Per Year Value!

Instant Cash Back Rewards

Earn Immediate Cash Back Rewards On Purchases at Hundreds of National Brand Merchants!

Chances are you’re likely already shopping at many of them. For example:

  • Electronics stores such as Best Buy
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And other businesses such as CVS Pharmacy, AMC Theaters & hundreds more!

The Super App paid out over $540,000 in 2019 alone!

The Rewards Can Add Up To Thousands!

The Cash Back feature is one of the most appealing components of our Rewards program with our partnering retailers. And it’s easy to use. Just use your phone at checkout at participating merchants to start getting from 3% to 24% cash back on purchases!

Accumulate Virtual Rewards Points

Similar to airline frequent-flyer miles, you can earn Life’s virtual currency called dibs.

You can redeem dibs for additional merchant purchases and exclusive trips!

The Savings Just Keep Adding Up!

Save Even More With Special Coupons & Groupon

Love getting exclusive deals?

Not only can you enjoy them at over 350,000 locations but, within the Super App, you can directly access Groupon! So, you can enjoy exclusive savings there, too.

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Make a Difference

Want to change your financial destiny?

Now you can access the flagship product of Life’s Super App, the Financial Fitness Course.

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Program Your Mind To Reach Your Highest Potential & Achieve Your Greatest Goals

Rascal Radio is a personal development radio station with over 3,000 teaching audios in the categories of personal, financial, and professional development.

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With three available languages (English, Spanish, and French) you can completely customize your listening experience by language, topic, and speaker. And you can even download content for offline use.

Become the Best Version of Yourself

Take Full Control of Your Financial Destiny

Our best-selling product of all time, the Financial Fitness Program, is also included in the Super App.

Thousands of people across the world have learned this program’s timeless principles of getting out of debt, staying out of debt, and prospering in any economy.

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Thrive In Any Economy

But, That’s Not All…

The team at Life’s Super App is constantly expanding & evaluating new potential parternerships to ensure that they bring their subscribers more valuable resources that can enhance their lives & support their individual & family goals.

One such example is in the area of Health Care. Especially in challenging days in which our personal health, the health of our loved ones, and the health of our communities at large need to be monitored more closely, the Super App formed specific partnerships with two prestigious organizations as shown below.

Virtual Health Care

Frustrated by the high cost of health care?

In addition to all the other benefits you get as a member, you get access to two of our health care partners:

1. CallOnDoc. Skip the waiting room and receive medical care from the comfort of your home!

24/7 access to doctor consultations, prescription refills, lab testing, and diagnostic imaging all from your smartphone.

Most services cost only $24.99 and you only pay when you need the service. No health insurance needed!

2. RX Savings Solutions. Save up to 80% on prescription medications and goods at thousands of pharmacies across America.

Give While Getting Back

A portion of your $30-dollar monthly investment will help provide children like Chloe the gift of better sight, and your Super App subscription opens up a number of opportunities for you to greatly benefit from.

For just $30 per month (less than 1 dollar per day), not only will you help provide children with a much needed pair of glasses, but you will also get great value, including:

  • $30 in trip credits each month that you can redeem immediately towards hotel & resorts stays, plus deep discounts at hotels & resorts around the world

  • Earn immediate cash back rewards on purchases at hundreds of national brand merchants

  • Virtual rewards points, dibs, that you can redeem for additional merchant purchases & exclusive trips

  • Extra savings through special coupons and Groupon deals

  • Unlimited access to Rascal Radio with audio programming from top personal achievement experts

  • Access to the exclusive Financial Fitness Program taught by multi-millionaire, bestselling authors

  • 24/7 access to doctor consultations, prescription refills, lab testing, and diagnostic imaging all from your smartphone through CallOnDoc

  • Up to 80% savings on prescription medications & goods at thousands of pharmacies across America through RX Savings Solutions

On behalf of the entire EyeCare4Kids™ Team and every child that has been or will be impacted by the generosity of individuals like you, thank you for considering your involvement in the Sight the World Movement.

Joseph Carbone

Founder, EyeCare4Kids™