What Do Shaquille O’Neal, Dr. Oz, Randy Jackson, Jenny McCarthy & Cory Feldman Have In Common?

They all support this important cause & invite you to be a part of it!

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Sight The World

A Non-Profit’s Mission to Deliver Eyeglasses to “Any Child, Anywhere™”

Over 500 Million kids worldwide can’t see clearly! Without good vision children can’t be successful in school. If they can’t see…they can’t read. If they can’t read…they won’t learn. These underserved families can’t afford their desperately needed eyeglasses.

A children’s charity, SightTheWorld.org is the solution to this global crisis.

Your support will give a child in need a new pair of cool, good-quality eyeglasses made to their exact prescription. 100% of your online donation goes directly to giving a child new eyeglasses.

Why kids need your help.

Worldwide, over 25% of all kids age 12 and younger have vision deficiencies and yet 80% of all learning during those 12 years comes through the eyes.

With over 300,000 glasses given and millions more in desperate need, these underserved children need good people like you to give them a gift of clear vision.

Better Business Bureau Logo

EyeCare4Kids™ is a great Charity!

With an A+ rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and a verified actual usage rate per donated dollar of 97 cents, meaning that 97 cents (2018) of every donated dollar goes to directly to help kids in need, Sight the World is extremely unique in its mission – provide as many high-quality glasses to as many needy kids worldwide as possible.


With each of us doing a little, the impact is huge for every child we help

We want to help more children have better sight and be able to live a more productive, fulfilled life!  The need is great and the time is now to step forward to help these kids!

Thanks to the network of of national brands that are part of a recently formed partnership, we’ve created a win-win situation for the children, our partners and our supporters.

Click on the link below to get more details of how you can partner with us to help the children without it being a financial burden on anyone.

How long has this charity been helping needy kids?

Sight the World’s parent charity, EyeCare4Kids™, was established in 2001 to help needy children obtain free glasses to improve sight and their educational advancement through ground based clinics.  Sight the World is a new extension of that process via the internet that allows any child in the world to log on and go through a simple process to get their own free glasses sent to them.

How many children have been helped by the charity?

Over 300,000 and counting.

How can you provide high-quality, good looking glasses so inexpensively?

Because of the hard-earned reputation of Sight the World’s parent charity, EyeCare4Kids™, major eye care providers throughout the world provide quality glasses and lenses to the charity at greatly reduced prices.

What is the global impact of Sight the World?

Thousands of children in Africa, Asia, Central and South America have been help through the charity.  EyeCare4Kids™ is actually opening up a new on-ground clinic in Africa soon.